Admission Policy

Aletheia Christian College is a ministry to the Community of Newcastle, Christian parents and children of all denominations; even to those of other religious persuasions. We will not discriminate against race, colour, national or ethnic origin in our selection and ad - mission of students.

Christianity and the Bible will be the only religious medium used in the school and Christian Biblical character traits will be constantly expounded in all the subjects of the curriculum. All children must agree to attend all the Christian meetings held during school times, to honour fully the Christian principles taught, and not to promote any other religion or cultural activities at the school.

Admission Procedure

  • Step 1 - Complete an application form and pay registration - non refundable
  • Step 2 - Complete School Evaluation form
  • Step 3 - Student Orientation - a child will NOT be accepted unless the orientation was at tended!
  • Step 4 - Parents’ Interview
  • Step 5 - Finalize student program
  • Step 6 - Receive student number

No registration will be done QUICKLY - please be patient and follow the steps!