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Aletheia Christian College Academics
The ACCELERATED CHRISTIAN EDUCATION PROGRAM is designed to facilitate learning through self - instructional materials requiring a minimum of adult supervision, while enabling a student with varying abilities to advance academically.

ACE System

The ACE system recognises that each child has a unique learning style with God-given abilities and talents and was developed with a learning approach that accommodates learners’ individual capabilities.

The curriculum makes it possible for the learner, to achieve their full academic potential.

The ACE programme covers the critical outcomes and minimum standards of the National Curriculum Statements (NCS) as prescribed by the Department of Education in South Africa. This includes Learner and Teacher Support Materials (LTSM’s).

Individualised Learning

ACE provides curriculum materials in bite-sized, achievable work texts.

These work texts, called PACEs, include self-instructional lessons and activities. Each level consists of 12 PACEs in each subject. Learners begin a PACE by noting the goals, the concepts they will learn, a Bible verse and a corresponding character trait.

From the beginning of each PACE, the learners know what is expected and assumes the responsibility for their own learning. Explanations and full colour illustrations add excitement to each lesson, and innovative learning activities reinforce the text material.

Bible Based Material

The ACE program instills moral values and Biblical principles in the life of each learner. Character traits such as honesty, kindness and loyalty are taught within the learner and teacher support materials. The learner observes Godly living in the Christian character illustrations and applies these lessons to their own lives. This character-training prepares the learner to deal with the joys and challenges of everyday life.

Teach them how to live, not just how to make a living!

"Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
Proverbs 22:6

From its beginning, Accelerated Christian Education has maintained high Biblical and academic standards and remained committed to setting children on a path for success. The goal is the same today - to prepare children for the world and give them the academic and spiritual tools necessary to glorify God!

The A.C.E. curriculum is built upon five basic principles of learning:

  • Students must be at a level where they can perform.
  • Reasonable goals must be set.
  • Students must be controlled and motivated.
  • Learning must be measurable - Learning must be rewarded.

Each learner therefore discovers how to:

  • Set goals and meet deadlines. 
  • Develop critical-thinking skills.
  • Think creatively and independently.

Based on these principles, the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum assures parents of a course that is:


The A.C.E. model adapts to the learning speed of your child. Unlike the "Public School Model" where the group is lock-stepped regardless of the student's academic abilities. The A.C.E. model allows your child to progress independently through the curriculum and not as a group. The "Public School Model" holds back the faster learner and forces all the students forward regardless of their "learning gaps". Over a million graduates demonstrate that Individualized learning produces academic excellence.


The child is given a diagnostic test to determine current academic ability and clearly identifies any learning gaps within all subjects. For example, your child's English grammar may be above his/her grade level. However their punctuation skills may be below grade level. Your child is then placed in curriculum at his/her academic performance grade level in each subject and the learning gaps are then addressed to meet a student's specific learning needs and capabilities.

Goal Setting:

The students learn through setting daily goals and are challenged by marking their achievement. This key to learning allows the child to visualize and plan daily progress. This unique discipline of A.C.E. places responsibility and accountability on the student for learning, thus establishing a lifetime appreciation for goal setting and achievement.


The Biblical value of "excellence in all things we do" is translated into mastering subject content. The A.C.E. model reinforces honest achievement that results in advancement. Students must master a minimum of 80% of the material before advancing and therefore ensuring a solid, back-to-basics education for your child.